A good pair of eyeglasses is much more than just a tool- it’s your window to the world. Like the rest of you, your eyes are unique. We know that finding the right pair of eyeglasses is a big decision. Let us help you find the pair made just for you.

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Seiko frames and lenses are designed to perfectly match each other and complement your look and vision – flawlessly integrating striking aesthetics with visual excellence.


Born out of necessity in 1937, Ray-ban has been at the leading edge of developing high quality sunglasses to protect pilots from the sun’s harsh rays. Since then, Ray-Ban has been the eyewear of choice for visionaries and cultural creators everywhere to express their fearless and most authentic selves.


Drawing inspiration from the mystery of the Orient, using the finest materials in the world, Italian brand Coco Song creates women’s luxury eyewear delivering an unparralled artistic masterpiece in each and every frame.


Bellinger creates innovative eyewear with a twist of something unique – eyewear to be proud of. Their designs emerge from the joy and the passion of what they do – you always receive personal and cool eyewear.


VANNI Eyeglasses: style and colour, every day. Frames in exclusive acetate or in metals in unexpected finishes, for men or women, entirely Made In Italy. Glasses designed so that you can express their own personality and creative spirit, and channel your passions and preferences, accompanying you with style in your everyday life.


The new Longchamp Eyewear collection is inspired by the brand’s most iconic designs to offer a selection of glasses and sunglasses featuring seductive shapes and vibrant colours. Adopt a feminine and modern look with this new collection.

David Spencer

David’s designs have set the style tone for modern eyewear. With an eye to the future, he and his team are proud to present the first ever dedicated David Spencer Eyewear collection. Each frame in the collection is hand-designed, starting with sketches and color concepts that David personally draws and then directs and oversees during production


Discover the new Tiffany HardWear and Tiffany T eyewear, inspired by their signature jewellery collections, and distinctive sunglasses in contemporary shapes.


Prada glasses include a wide range of silhouettes and colours: from the refined Prada Cinéma styles to square Prada Monochrome frames, from the dramatic design of Prada Minimal Baroque sunglasses to the rectangular, contemporary silhouettes of Prada Ultravox frames and Prada Linea Rossa snow goggles.

Michael Kors

The Michael Kors eye glasses collection embodies a chic jet-set style. Whether it be semi-rimless glasses with titanium frames or funky dark tortoise plastic glasses, this eyeglasses line combines the everyday with the luxurious. It’s a chic style that incorporates various designs to ensure something for everyone.


Prodesign is a high-quality eyewear brand founded in Denmark. Ever since their beginning in 1973, they’ve believed that eyewear is much more than its function. They combine a deep expertise in optics with a strong focus on design.

l.a. Eyeworks

l.a.Eyeworks began on September 9, 1979, to challenge the prevailing norms of eyewear with proposals for a new, provocative revelation of the face. More than four decades and hundreds of frame designs later, l.a.Eyeworks remains a privately owned house of optical imagination.


Stand out from the crowd, bend the rules and enjoy shattering every norm: WOOW proudly asserts and displays its values and colours in this vibrant and CRAZY new collection. Just like their new campaign, this booming brand offers a real positivity filter – the WOOW filter – to bring colour to your everyday life in style!


A brand close to nature! Morel presents the Koali collection, a standout in the added-value niche of women’s designer eyewear since 1999.
Koali sees the world through eyes that are committed to evoking the essential values of nature. The name Koali comes from a Hawaiian plant, and therefore calls to mind an entire world of luxuriant flora and exotic insects.


Discover why Flexon is one of the most trusted names in eyewear. Flexon fits, feels and forgives like no other conventional metal frame on the market.


Oakley is a world-renowned eyewear brand for its innovative technology and diverse range of eyewear. With some of the most innovative products in the industry, there’s a pair to suit every lifestyle.


Shop sports sunglasses & athletic eyewear by Nike Vision. Our advanced frames & lenses are trusted by world-class athletes for performance & durability.


Fila is known for its sporty style that features colourful yet straightforward designs. The Fila eyewear collection incorporates this concept, bringing you a range of classic styles with bold colours.


LIGHTEC combines lightness and technology for maximum comfort: Products manufactured from surgical grade stainless steel for lightness and flexibility. All fitted with a robust, exclusive, double-action spring-hinge.