Medispecs Optometry

Welcome to Medispecs Optometry  (Mountain Creek). We are dedicated to providing exceptional eyecare. Our optometrists deliver comprehensive eye examinations with the latest technology, and our optical dispensers  will help you with all your eyewear needs.

Due to Covid 19 we have hand sanitizer and washing stations available, and continually sanitize equipment and hard surfaces.

Optometrist Sunshine Coast

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 9 – 5pm

Saturday 9 – 12pm

Use It or Lose It!

Health Insurance Extras cover rolls over based on either a calendar (most funds) or financial year (AHM, Defense Health, Peoplecare and Navy Health). So if you need new eyewear make sure to claim your rebate before the end of either December or June.


All our glasses come with a complimentary case, cleaning cloth,  lifetime servicing and a 90 day satisfaction guarantee!


Glasses Frames

We have a great range of beautiful designer optical
frames from all over the world. We’ll help you find your new look!

Prescription Sunglasses and Sport’s Vision

Love to see clearly with your sunglasses on? We have the expertise to fit your prescription into all of our sunglasses. From standard sunglasses all the way though to complex wrap sunglasses that require digitally designed lenses we can do it.

Eye Care and Optometry

Medispecs Optometrist Sunshine Coast use a suite of high tech TOPCON instruments to assess your vision and check your eye health. Our new KR-800 Auto Kerato-Refractometer features  automated operation with a state of the art measuring system to ensure fast, accurate, and repeatable refraction and keratometry measurements.


These lenses are custom designed to meet your individual needs.

The lenses are created based on your primary daily activities, and offer the best natural vision in all situations. Premium personalized progressive lenses provide pupil size optimization to ensure natural vision both day and night.

These lenses also offer enhanced vision through all segments of the lens, with significantly less distortions on the periphery of the lens.

Moreover, using special technology, near and intermediate lens segments provide the easiest adaptation, widest visual width and smoothest focus transition, without influencing distance vision.