All of our sunglasses are ready to use or can be fitted with Single Vision, Bifocal or Multi-focal prescription lenses.

Sunglass Tint

– 100% UV protection, available in many colours including Grey, Brown, and Green. Tint depths 85% (full tint), 65% (medium tint) and 35% (light tint).

Polarised Tint

– Polarized lenses eliminate reflected glare so you see and perform better! Ideal for all activities under the sun, regardless of the environment, situation or season.

Transitions Tint

Simply put, Transitions lenses adapt. They adjust from clear indoors to dark outdoors. But it’s not just about light or dark; it’s about everything in between. No matter where you are, or what situation you’re in, Transitions lenses adapt to the perfect shade so you see with just the right amount of light.

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Most prescription sunglasses correct your vision but obscure the brilliant world around you. We created MauiPassport prescription sunglasses to help you see more of the world’s vibrant beauty.

Utilizing digital lens design and cutting-edge direct surfacing technology, our MauiPassport lenses deliver the widest possible field of view for incredible visual acuity across the entire lens. This process also produces prescriptions that are 10 times more accurate than those of conventional labs, and maintains the highest optical and quality standards in the industry.

In every MauiPassport sunglass lens, our PolarizedPlus2 technology shields your eyes from glare and harmful UV while enhancing the world’s vibrant colors and intricate details.