We want you to see everything life has to offer!

Our spectacle lenses are supplied by Essilor and Zeiss, world leaders in spectacle lens technology. If you need new lenses your welcome to choose one of our frames, or if your own frame is in good condition we can fit new lenses to it –  see in store for details.

Single Vision

Used to correct near, intermediate or distance vision problems like myopia (shortsighted), hyperopia (longsighted) and astigmatism.

Extended Focus

A combination of intermediate and near vision, this lens is designed specifically for computer users.


Correction of distance and near vision is provided with a line separating the two sections. Easy to use with wide fields of view.


Varilux X series is Essilor’s most advanced progressive lens allowing you to seamlessly capture every detail within arms length with high precision, without compromising distance and near. You will enjoy outstanding sharpness, continuous vision and fluidity from near to far. Powered by it’s breakthrough new XTEND technology, Varilux X series extends your near vision like never before.

Lens Extras

Crizal Forte UV is the latest technology in lens coatings – clearer, tougher and easier to clean. Twice as scratch resistant as previous Crizal Lens technology.

Transitions Lenses – clear indoors, tinted outdoors.

Polarising Prescription Sunglass Lenses –  for the most comfortable vision under the sun.

High Index Lens Materials – thinner and lighter.

OPTIFOG Lens Coating

Breakthrough anti-fog technology
with UV protection. Lenses that don’t
fog up in all conditions, and give you
daily protection against UV.