Prescription Safety Glasses

Work related eye injuries remain an important problem in the Australian workforce. They are a common cause of work-related injury presentation to emergency departments in Australia and also result in about 500 admissions to hospital per year.

Our prescription safety glasses are manufactured by PSG Australia. These frames provide the highest level of eye protection, while satisfying each individual’s need for style and comfort. 

COMMON CAUSES OF EYE INJURY: most injuries that occur appear to be relatively minor (not requiring hospital admission) and most involve foreign bodies on the eye, particularly on the cornea. Grinding and welding are the two most common tasks being performed when an eye injury occurs, but there is a wide range of circumstances that can result in an eye injury.

Not surprisingly, many of the eye injuries occurred when the person was not wearing appropriate eye protection.

Each model in the range meets the Australian / New Zealand and International requirements of AS/NZS 1337.6, ANSI Z87.1-2003, EN 166f and BS166f medium impact) and EN166-F (low energy medium impact) and comes with full certification.