Contact lenses are a popular and easy alternative to wearing glasses, and can work well for people of any age.

For children who wear glasses we start to trial contacts at about 10 years of age, and primarily use single use contacts as they are the easiest and healthiest option for young eyes.

For people school age to mid life we have either single use, 2 weekly disposable or monthly disposable to choose from, and can be worn as daily wear or sleep in.

For people mid life and on, multifocal contact lenses offer a great alternative to multifocal glasses and can be worn as daily wear (in in the morning, out at night) or extended wear ( sleep in up to 30 days at a time).

Why not come in for a FREE trial – we’ll fit you with the latest contact lenses so you can experience the world without glasses.


We have been fitting contact lenses successfully for many years, helping patients with all their vision needs. Our eye care professionals use the most current contact lens designs available including:

Daily Disposable

Daily Disposable contact lenses give you the freedom to wear contact lenses when and where you like. They are worn once then discarded, with no solutions required.

Fortnightly Disposable

The mainstay for regular full time contact lens wear is the 2wkly disposable contact lens. Made from advanced silicon hydrogel materials that give crystal clear optics and all day comfort.

Extended Wear

Contact lenses are available that can be worn for up to 30 days without removal or cleaning. This is made possible by new lens materials that allow significantly more oxygen through to your eyes.

Multifocal Contact Lenses

If you’re over 40 and require either multifocal or reading spectacles then these new technology contact lenses may be for you. They work like multifocal glasses, giving you clear vision in the distance as well as near.

Contact Lenses for Astigmatism

Most people with astigmatism can now wear contact lenses thanks to modern contact lens design technology. Feel free to ask our optometrist at your next appointment.

Coloured Contact Lenses

We have a large range of coloured contact lenses available in non prescription and prescription. They come in single use, 2 weekly and monthly disposable options.