A new definition of vision

Today everything has changed – we live in a 24/7 connected world, get world wide news every hour, send live pictures to beloved ones across the world…

Our society has evolved, and so have your visual habits. Your posture and the way you look at close things have changed, you’re now constantly multi-tasking within arms length distances. Swiping from your smartphone to your notebook, logging into your email account while reaching for your coffee cup and getting one last text message off to your kids.

In short, everything that matters happens within arm’s reach. It’s no longer suitable to think about vision as being at near (40cm) and intermediate (70cm). We now need to optimise how our vision is able to function at arms length. Both in and out as well as left and right, within the arm’s length vision zone. Acknowledging today’s vision behaviours, Varilux team of experts has redefined the challenge of near vision, without compromise.

Our lives are more demanding than ever and we certainly don’t need to be slowed down by our vision. Research shows that the main limitation with modern progressive lenses is trying to find the sweet spots for clear vision within the lens.

With Varilux X Xtend technology patients experience multiple focal points within a single gaze position. This minimises head movement providing a new level of fluidity in vision.

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